Friday, October 14, 2016

Favorite Friday-Song Highlight of the Week (Nothing Else Matters by Metallica)

Hey Loves,
Friday is finally here! As I reflect on this week so many things come to mind.  I realize we are often judged by choices we make on how we live our own lives, but two things we must remember is "Life is ours we live it our way" and "Forever trust in who we are" . Both quotes come from the song I chose this week by Metallica.  As I embark on this journey of becoming an author I must remind myself there will be critics.  I am not referring to reader critics, however; I am speaking of critics who do not believe in me or think I am wasting my time. My view on this is if one person can relate to my words I have done what I set out to accomplish.  My work comes from my heart and soul.  So my message to you on this fabulous Friday is to live life they way you want. Chase your dreams and talent; you only get one chance.  So listen to the words and ignore the negativity.  Be you. Happy Friday!

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Much love,


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